products and services in electricity, weak current
systems and automation for industry,
management and infrastructure.

About us

PK El kontor Processkontroll Elektriska is a company in VINCI Energies Nordic. We are approx. 45 employees with an annual turnover of approx. 80 million Swedish Crowns. We have offices and a workshop in Stora Höga outside Stenungsund, but work all over the country. Under the flap “About VINCI” you find more information about both our sister companies and our parent company.

We started our business in 2001 and we are an electrical certified contractor for low as well as medium voltage. We work with electricity, weak current systems and automation for industry and management as well as private houses and infrastructure. We carry out heavy electrial installations  in both industry and infrastructure, where our certificated and experienced electricians perform any type of services. Computer and fibre net installations are also areas we are certified in and have long experience of. For instance we are engaged in phase compensation, measuring of overtones in electrical nets, magnetic field reduction and high altitude works. We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Among other things we offer installation and supply of
• Medium voltage switchgears
• Low voltage switchgears
• Lighting and civil electricity
• Electrical installations in traditional and ATEX environments
• Fibre installations
• Computer nets
• Weak current systems
• Troubleshooting with thermocamera

Again, we have obtained UC’s highest credit rating.


HistoriebokProcesskontroll was founded in 1970 by Dag Köhlqvist and after sixteen years the first subsidiary was born. At its peak the  Processkontroll group consisted of ten companies and had a turnover of over 300 million SEK and approx. 160 employees. In 2001 Processkontroll Elektriska was founded and in 2012 Processkontroll Elektriska and Processkontroll AB was acquired by the Vinci group, in which companies such as Emil Lundgren and Actemium are a part.

The following companies have former been part of the Processkontroll group:

ITEMS – sells components for instrumentation

Corona Control – offers high quality control valve solutions for customers in the process industry

PK Mekaniska – operates as subcontractor with mechanical treatment mainly for the export industry

Processkontroll GT – Green Technology designs, produces and erects tank stations for natural gas

Processkontroll AB – works with instrumentation installations and service

Processkontroll Elektriska – Electrical installations for low and medium voltage

Conductor A/S – Electrical and instrumentation installations in Norway

Processkontroll PID Fastigheter – Owns and manages properties

Processkontroll Administration – Administration and support services

Processkontroll PID – the mother company of the old group