products and services in electricity, weak current
systems and automation for industry,
management and infrastructure.

From service to total solutions

Processkontroll Elektriska is an electrical contractor for both low and medium voltage. We execute heavy electrical installations in industry and infrastructure as well as civil installations in public environments and private houses. We are certified according to Nexans and have agreements with certified system contractors – CSI. In addition, we are certified for computer, optics and fibre cable installations and we have long experience from this in the different segments. Our certificated and experienced electricians execute all types of services in the trade.

PK El represents a strength that few can compete with. We offer complete electrical and automation solutions for industry and infrastructure. Our service department executes electrical, low voltage and computer installations for private customers as well as for smaller companies. As a part of our quality work we are constantly working with feedback to our customers. This secures quality, competence and sound economy.

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