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Emergency power in a hospital is a must!


To have a power failure during an operation could mean a disaster, which in the worst case scenario coul lead to death. Therefore, it is important that you can depend upon that the emergency power works.

Operating lighting, electrical distribution boards, emergency power are examples of equipment in the medical service that we install in accordance with every regulation. There are special requirements in this environment as the patients are not always responding in a normal way in case of a possible fault.

The equipment is often life-sustaining, which means that they also need continuous power supply. Medical premises must be classified in view of their use and different classes have been elaborated where for example the connection time of the emergency power is controlled by the requirement of the life-sustaining activities. The classes are divided into 0, 1 and 2, where 0 means connection without failure and with an operating time of three hours and is applicable on for instance lighting fittings for operating tables. Emergency power shall be automatically connected and manage to supply power for at least 24 hours.