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Industrial service – with or without contract


All types of installations and plants need regular service in order to operate satisfactorily and safely. We have long experience in service and our service electricians have well-equipped service cars in order to be able to execute all necessary service works. You are welcome to sign our service agreement for your plant!

Service agreements

Regular supervision means that you maintain the quality and that you prevent possible operational disturbances. Experience show that regular maintenance of electrical components, material and mechanical parts increases sustainability and life. Functions are safeguarded and you will have a secure economy in your  operating costs.

Adapted service agreements

A service agreement with Processkontroll Elektriska can be adapted for your specific needs, requirements and wishes. Everything from cyclic recurrent function tests and safety functions to corrective maintenance and on-call standby. The length of the agreement can be adapted to one specific assignment or a multi-year agreement, with recurrent planned works on your equipment.

Today, we have maintenance & service agreements on HVSC plants in the Gothenburg harbour as well as Älvsborg Ro/Ro with a on-call standby 24 hours per day.