Processkontroll Elektriska will during the summer build a new shore connection facility for Kristiansands Havn AS in Norway. Unlike previous facilities this connection is not about ferries and other ships, but for oil rigs. For the first time, it includes low voltage instead of high voltage. The difference for the uninitiated is not big. It mainly concerns thicker cables.

Apart from a few days commissioning the whole production is done in the workshop in Stora Höga. It is not always popular to ask people to travel, especially during holiday seasons, but this time the Norwegian container is prepared at home, which makes it much easier. When everything is completed it is being shipped or transported by truck to Norway, where the connection itself takes place. Another finesse using a container is that if it is required it can easily be moved to another location in the harbour.

Technical specification

Technically, 690 VAC 50 Hz is transformed to 60 Hz. The transformer is at 1250 kVA and out comes either 690 or 440 VAC depending on the customer’s requirements. In special cases it is also possible to connect from 440 VAC to 480VAC, but that requires some work.