products and services in electricity, weak current
systems and automation for industry,
management and infrastructure.

We produce and program cabinets and switchgears


A professional workshop and genuin experience enables us to offer everything from simple connection boxes to high tech cabinets for a variety of areas. Every produced equipment is tested and CE marke according to applicable standards.

PLC cabinets with programming

Cabinets and other equipment are often produced according to the customers’ requirements. A couple of examples are cabinets that control the lubrication of high speed motors and mobile laser light based gas analyzers.

Automatic cabinets/ Low voltage switchgears

We have long experience from building cabinets and switchgears in our customized workshop.


We produce control panels, desks, alarm boards and patching frames for industrial needs, as well as own production of cabling for the industry and feeding cabinets and junction boxes in different sizes.